Special Activities Policy: This form must be filled out completely and turned in to the office for approval before any event can be placed on the church calendar.

The church must be informed of special needs for an event no less than 14 days in advance (i.e. – moving chairs, setting up tables, moving platform equipment, special cleaning, need for sound personnel, musicians, etc.)
Type of Event:
Department (if applicable):
Contact Person:
Phone Number:
Date of Event: Time:
Location of Event:
Cost Per Person (if applicable):
Will this event require a van:
* If yes, your group must have a driver who is covered on church insurance. It is your contact person’s responsibility to contact the office staff during office hours and make sure your driver is covered. Your contact person must also pick up a van key during office hours.
Special Needs

In order to insure that everything is in place in time for your event, we need to know what is required of us.

For special events such as wedding receptions, anniversary celebrations, etc., Steve Borland will be in charge of moving equipment in the main Sanctuary and David Fairchild will be responsible for putting up and taking down equipment in the Fellowship Hall. Keylon Cook will be in charge of coordinating music.

For departmental events, we will be glad to set up tables, etc., but we must be informed well in advance of the activity as to just what is needed. Cleaning afterward and setting up areas for Sunday use will be the responsibility of the department using the facilities. IF YOU WILL NEED ASSISTANCE WITH CLEANUP, WE MUST KNOW NO LESS THAN 14 DAYS AHEAD OF TIME!
Please use the space below to tell us specifically what you need for your event:
*Weddings, Receptions, Anniversary Celebrations, etc. There will always be a scheduled cleaning following such an event. Aside from removing personal or rented items, your group is not responsible for cleaning the church.